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Downsize, Reorganize, Energize, Act, Move On

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The thought of sorting through—and then transporting—a lifetime’s worth of treasures can be overwhelming and make it hard to know where to start. The “to do” list seems endless and feels beyond control.
As a member of the National Association of Senior and Speciality Move Managers we are bound by a pledge of integrity, safety, and ethics. We understand the emotional and physical aspects of moving.
We honor the importance of memories and treasures and help sort through your belongings dividing them into categories of move, share, donate, sell, or dispose. Let us be your solution for all of the details involved in your move.

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Three generations of women

The Numbers Tell the Story

The U.S. population aged 65 and over will jump nearly 80 percent when the Baby Boom generation retires (from 2010 to 2030). By 2030, people over 65 will account for one-fifth of the total U.S. population. Americans age 85 and above comprise the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population.

Today, many families are geographically dispersed and adult children are often unable to help parents with the moving process. If illness or death precipitates the move, everyone is likely to be emotionally and physically exhausted. For people with no family it can be even more complicated.

You may be making a transition after 30 or more years in the same place and need to downsize considerably. The organizational and physical tasks associated with planning and implementing a complex move can be overwhelming.

An experienced Senior Move Manager® will facilitate the best transition for everyone involved. Call your only local Senior Move Manager® today!

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What we offer

move and space planning

decluttering, downsizing and reorganizing

arranging for the dispersal of possessions no longer needed

gentle packing services and oversight of packers

EASYStage - home staging without the big price tag

unpacking and settling in services

aging in place – home safety and modification

home clear-outs

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This consultation takes one to two hours. We learn about you and how you live and walk through your home to discuss what furniture and items you enjoy and how you use them. The goal is to help get a sense of your needs for your upcoming move. We explain our services so you can decide how we can best help.  Once we learn what you need we provide an estimate and a preliminary agreement for your signature.

Moving Boxes

We provide a customized floor plan of your new home to help you see what will fit and what won’t.  Our floor plans are interactive. To create your plan, we bring a magnetized set of pieces so we can move your “furniture pieces” around and illustrate various ways your furniture can be placed.

Teacher Resources

We help sort through possessions and support your decision-making about what items will work best in your new home, which items you want to share with other family members, and which you are ready to sell or donate. Doing this first will make it easier to pack for the move. If you aren't moving, doing this will free up space in your home for better use and safety.

Flea market and radio equipment.

We can deliver your donations and consignment pieces to the right shops or non-profit. If you wish to have an estate, auction or other sale, including online sales, we help find the right company to meet your needs.

Person Rolling Suitcase in Airport

We can carefully pack your non-breakable items and label boxes to make sure you know where everything is. We can also provide oversight as the movers pack, to make sure things are labeled and packed the way you want.

Armchair & Side Table

If you want to get the best possible price for your home, it needs to be clutter free and inviting. We work with your current furniture and furnishings and our decorating ideas to make your home  say, "buy me!"

Chef's Kitchen

We travel to your new home (if local) and manage the placement of your furniture, unpack and put everything away, and hang your art and photographs. We remove all boxes and paper and leave your home "move in ready."
Moving out of the area? No problem, we can refer you to Move Managers all over the country.

Family in Church

We offer services to help you remain in your home, including a safety assessment and decluttering assistance to help you use your space more safely and efficiently for how you live now.

Holding Hands

If you can't be here to assist your family member with a move, let us help. Whether they are getting ready for a move or needing assistance to make the current home safer, we can be your eyes, ears and hands so they don't have to do it alone.


Let us help your client get the best price for their home! We can provide all of our services to speed up the time between "we need to sell our home" and "SOLD!" Ask us about our flexible payment options for Realtor referred clients.

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